Ibd Dende Biography, Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Wife, Cars, Houses, Hotels And Lifestyle Full Version

Ibd Dende biography | talk49ja.com.ng
Ibd Dende biography | talk49ja.com.ng

Ibd Dende Biography, Net Worth, Age, House, Hotel, Wife, Son, Pictures, Career, Lifestyle and other informations you need to know about him.

Ibd Dende‘s real name is Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun, he hails from Ilaro, Yewaland of Ogun state.

Basic Information Of Ibd Dende Biography

Real Name:Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun
Also Known As:Ibd Dende
State of Origin:Ogun
Marital Status:Married
Net Worth:70 Billion Naira
Ibd Dende Biography

Ibd Dende Biography

Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun popularly called Ibd Dende, is a native of Yewaland, Ilaro, Ogun State of Nigeria.
Ibd Dende, the Nigerian businessman and social media influencer is one of the wealthiest individuals in the city of Ogun state.

Who Is Ibd Dende? (Ibd Dende Biography)

HRM Oba Kehinde Gbadewole Olugbenle, the Olu of Ilaro and supreme monarch of Yewaland, elevated him to the rank of great Chief. Alhaji Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun was given the title of Olu Omo of Yewaland by Kabiyeesi to commemorate his tenth anniversary of coronation.

Let me provide you additional information about Alhaji Ibrahim Dende Egbungbohun, also referred to as “IBD DENDE” on social medias. Ibd Dende was born into the family of the late Madam A. Egungbohun, nee Elegbede, and Pa Aminu Popoola Egungbohun of the Saala Quarters, Ayetoro-Yewa.

Ibd Dende Biography | talk49ja.com.ng

Educational Background (Ibd Dende Biography)

Writing Ibd Dende biography without looking into his educational backgrounds wouldn’t provide you the full details of what you hope to read on. So let’s look into it:

IBD completed Form 3 at Community High School in Ebute Igbooro after attending St. John Anglican Primary School in Ebute Igbooro.

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IBD, an adolescent who wanted to learn how to read and write applied to the now-defunct Egbado Teacher Training College (ETTC) in Igbo-Nla, Lagos, but had to leave midway through since he had lost both of his parents to death.

Even though the young IBD was unable to finish his education at the time, Ibd Dende has today obtained proficiency certificates in business administration and freight forwarding management from reputable higher education institutions both in Nigeria and abroad.

Thanks to his determination to advance his education through online and correspondence learning.

Ibd Dende Biography And Career

The Ibd Dende later traveled to Lagos to acquire the craft of furniture making. He then returned to complete his studies under the tutelage of his uncle, who at the time was the leading furniture maker in Ibeku Village in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State.

Being a talented drummer, the young IBD was at the time sought after as Sakara’s lead drummer by the majority of ruling Fuji ane Juju musicians in the Yewa axis in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

After that, by a stroke of luck, the expanding Ibd Dende met Alhaji Akeem Adigun (SOCOPAO), a renowned clearing and freight forwarding agent who taught him the ropes of the business in Lagos. IBD came home after learning the profession to take advantage of the Federal Government’s Land Border opening policy at the time.

Over the years, Ibd Dende developed into a Customs licensed Clearing and Forwarding Agent with operations based in Ogun and Lagos State.

Alhaji Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun, now a shrewd businessman, began expanding his business base by diversifying into other industries.

These industries include: hotels and hospitality through IBD International Hotels Limited; clearing and freight forwarding through IBD Impex Limited; agriculture and farming through IBD Farms & Forests Limited; quarrying and granite through IBD Quarry & Constructions; and: IBD Oil & Gas services.

Ibd Dende Biography | talk49ja.com.ng

Ibd Dende’s Contributions To The Society

Ibd Dende Biography and His Philanthropist Acts

IBD is a philanthropist without remorse. According to popular belief, a man achieves success by devoting the majority of his time and resources to making extraordinarily positive contributions to the lives of others.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Alhaji Ibrahim Dende Egungbohun has proven that he is a great humanitarian.

He is the kind of person who works hard to improve the lives of others, notably by giving generously of his resources to worthy organizations. In order to continue his charitable work, he established the IBD foundation.

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Through this platform, he has given and kept supporting women, widows, orphans, the elderly, needy people, the poor, and vulnerable children, as well as numerous numbers of scholarships to needy students at all academic levels, from primary school to graduate school.

What a generous man who always offers assistance, even at his own inconvenience.

It is also important to know that IBD is passionate about youth development and empowerment, particularly through sports.

A sizable number of young people have been coached by his reputable feeder club, IBD Football Club, and then sponsored to join football clubs in higher divisions both here in our country and abroad.

Ibd Dende Biography With Honorary Awards He Won

IBD has received honors for his humanitarian achievements from a number of prominent organizations, clubs, and institutions both domestically and overseas.

Alhaji Ibrahim Dende Egungboun also serves as the patron of a number of organizations, societies, and clubs, some of which include the All Star Football Club in Yewa, Ogun State, the lIaro Oronna Rotary Club, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Ogun State, and NASFAT’s Youth Wing and lIaro Branch.

Ibrahim Dende is a social media influencer, as was already said, and his social media account indicates that he has over 100k active followers on Instagram.

There are plenty of his videos featuring Nigerian celebs, according to his social media posts as well.

Ibd Dende Biography | talk49ja.com.ng

Ibd Dende Age (Ibd Dende Biography)

How Old is Ibd Dende ?

Ibrahim Dende is a well-known businessman who was born and reared in the city of Ogun State. Ibd Dende was born on March 3, 1970, and as of right now (the time we wrote his article) he is over 50 years old, making him one of Nigeria’s youngest billionaires.

Being one of the wealthiest individuals in the city of Ogun State, many people frequently search for Ibrahim Dende’s net worth online, which is one of the reasons why we created this incredible article.

Ibrahim Dende has amassed a sizable financial fortune given the type of company he controls. In this fascinating article, we’ll examine Ibrahim Dende’s net worth by estimating all of the money he has made through the work he does.

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Let’s investigate Ibrahim Dende’s net worth now.

Ibd Dende Net Worth (Ibd Dende Biography)

What is the net worth of Ibd Dende? Ibrahim Dende who has a net worth of #70 billion Naira is a prosperous businessman who runs several enterprises. He is a living example of how you can succeed in business without having a college education.

Ibrahim Dende didn’t originate from a wealthy household; in fact, his biography indicates that he never had a university degree. Though his success serves as a lesson to many others worldwide. He claimed that he had to leave school because his father died while he was still enrolled.

Ibd Dende Religion (Ibd Dende Biography)

Is Ibd Dende A Muslim Or Christian?

Ibrahim Dende is a devout Muslim who is married to a Christian woman, and the two of them currently have two children.

Ibd Dende Wife (Ibd Dende Biography)

Who Is Ibd Dende Wife?

The real name of Ind dende wife is Omolara Ashogbon Egungbohun, here is the picture of the beautiful wife and mother of two below:

Ibd Dende Biography | talk49ja.com.ng
Ibd Dende Biography | talk49ja.com.ng

Ibd Dende Son

Ibd Dende Son Picture (Ibd Dende Biography)

Here is the picture of Ibd Dende son:

Ibd Dende Biography | talk49ja.com.ng

Ibd Dende House (Ibd Dende Biography)

Let’s take a look at his houses:

Ibd Dende Biography | talk49ja.com.ng
Ibd Dende Biography | talk49ja.com.ng
Ibd Dende Biography | talk49ja.com.ng
Ibd Dende Biography | talk49ja.com.ng

Ibd Dende Hotel (Ibd Dende Biography)

Many people are interested in the business he runs and how he was able to succeed in it.

Ibd Dende Biography | talk49ja.com.ng

Well, it’s a lengthy tale. Ibrahim Dende has been in company for thirty (30) years, but it took him until five years ago to achieve success, and it took until now for people to take notice of him.

The following listings of businesses that Ibrahim Dende owns are based on research our team has undertaken.

  1. IBD international hotels
  2. IBD impex limited agriculture and farming
  3. IBD oil and Gas services
  4. IBD construction
  5. IBD farm and Forest
Ibd Dende Biography | talk49ja.com.ng

His company is valued at over $100 million, or more over N70 billion, in naira, per the evaluations our business expert conducted.

Now that we are aware of every thing he owns, it is time to wrap up this incredible article on ibd dende biography.

Ibd Dende Biography | talk49ja.com.ng

Alhaji Ibrahim Dende Egungboun is married and has both male and female children who are blessed. He is a devout Muslim who does not show prejudice toward followers of other faiths. IBD has actually been a unique and real tool God has been employing in both Christian and Islamic religious organizations. IBD is a good example of Omoluabi and hard labor.

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