Oriyomi Hamzat Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Daughter, Cars, Houses, Radio Stations And Lifestyle Full Version

Oriyomi Hamzat biography | talk49ja.com.ng
Oriyomi Hamzat biography | talk49ja.com.ng

Oriyomi Hamzat biography in brief, based on available information: Oriyomi Abdulrahman Hamzat, popularly known as Oriyomi Hamzat, is a well-known Nigerian on-air personality who has experience working with NTA as well as other radio and television stations in the country.

Oriyomi Hamzat was born and brought up in his hometown Ibadan, Oyo State on March 5,1980.

Basic Information On Oriyomi Hamzat Biography

Full Name:Oriyomi Abdulrahman Hamzat
Nickname:Oriyomi Hamzat
Date of Birth:March 5, 1980
Place of Birth:Ibadan
State of Origin:Oyo State
Net Worth:$50,000
Marital Status:Married
Wife:Motunrayo Hamzat
Oriyomi Hamzat biography

Oriyomi Hamzat Biography

Early Life and Education (Oriyomi Hamzat biography)

After starting his education at St. John Primary School, he (Oriyomi Hamzat) moved to Fadil Umar Ahmadiyyah School to finish his study.

Oriyomi Hamzat attended the prestigious Pade School of Sciences, Ibadan, Oyo state. after completing his high school education at the Iroko Community Grammar School, Ibadan, Oyo state.

A few years after finishing secondary school, Oriyomi Hamzat studied geology at the polytechnic of Ibadan, Oyo State, and continued a course on Mass Communication at the institution’s Eruwa Campus (now reffered to as Adeseun Ogundoyin Polytechnic, Eruwa).

Then Oriyomi Hamzat got admission into the prestigious first university in Nigeria the University of Ibadan to study Linguistics and Language Arts (in November 2023).

Career (Oriyomi Hamzat biography)

Initially, Oriyomi Hamzat worked as a print journalist for The Guardian, a Nigerian newspaper. He was employed by a number of radio stations, such as Raypower, the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) in Ile Akede, Ibadan, and 32 FM 94.9.

Dr. Oriyomi Hamzat’s on-air conflict resolution programs (majorly: Kokoro Alate), which have been considered to be beneficial in promoting peace and providing answers to difficulties, tells that he is a God fearing man.

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Kokoro Alate and Kato domo eye loro are the major shows. These two discussion programs are well-liked for settling disputes.

The establishment of the well-liked Agidigbo F.M 88.7, which is committed to advancing cultural values, was a significant turning point in his professional life.

In addition, he belongs to the group Make A Future Alive, which gives young people who are social outcasts in society a platform.

The well-known radio host has won various awards, including the Association of Yoruba and English Poets, the ROCAHAM Assembly, the Integrity Human Right Leaders Award of Excellence, and others.

Oriyomi Hamzat Net Worth (Oriyomi hamzat biography)

Oriyomi Hamzat has an estimated net worth of $50,000. based on lifestyle and recent properties he acquired.

Awards Oriyomi Hamzat Won

Honorary Doctorate in Art and Communications.Conferred by the European-American University as D.Art, Honoris Causa.April 2023.
International Humanitarian Service Award.Received for outstanding contributions to humanitarian service.September 2023.
Rf: 1,2

Oriyomi Hamzat Charity Foundation

Oriyomi Hamzat also have a charity foundation where he takes care of the motherless children, he feeds and sponsors their schooling.

Recently he gave out cars to his workers who worked with him in Agidigbo F.M

He also gifted the popular Nollywood actor Oriogbade a bungalow building.

Oriyomi Hamzat biography | talk49ja.com.ng

Personal Life (Oriyomi Hamzat biography)

Who is Oriyomi Hamzat’s Wife ?

Oriyomi Hamzat is married to his beloved wife, Motunrayo Hamzat. Although not much information is revealed about his personal life.

Oriyomi Hamzat Arrest

News reports state that Agidigbo FM’s owner, Oriyomi Hamzat, was taken into custody by the Federal Intelligence Bureau of the Nigerian Police Force on a Thursday morning in Oyo State’s capital, Ibadan.

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Sources claim that Oriyomi Hamzat was later transferred to Abuja to be questioned.

It’s unclear why he was detained at that time.

However, sources claim that his case is related to his participation in the inquiry into the passing of the Late Timothy Adegoke.

Oriyomi Hamzat was battling for justice in the assassination of Adegoke, who at the time of his murder was a master’s student at Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) in Ile-Ife, Osun State.

Adegoke was allegedly assassinated in a hotel in Ile-Ife, Osun state.

The hotel’s owner, Mr. Rahmon Adedoyin, and his employees have been detained in connection with Adegoke’s death in Eruwa, Oyo state.

Oriyomi Hamzat was later released and got his freedom back immediately, he became more famous after his release from the Nigerian police custody.

Who Is Oriyomi Hamzat’s Father?

Asimiyu Adekunle Hamzat is Oriyomi Hamzat’s father and he was a presenter and also a journalist of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) before he passed on.

Oriyomi Hamzat’s Daughter Pictures

Oriyomi Hamzat Radio Station

What Station Is Oriyomi Hamzat?

People also ask:

  • What Is The Frequency Of Agidigbo Fm?
  • What Channel Is Agidigbo Fm?
  • What Time Is Kokoro Alate On Agidigbo Fm?
  • Oriyomi Hamzat Fm
  • Oriyomi Hamzat Youtube

Our team has worked on getting you the right answer to these questions, read below:

  • Oriyomi Hamzat’s radio station is Agidigbo 88.7 F.M.
  • The frequency of Agidigbo f.m is 88.7 f.m
  • Agidigbo f.m channel is the same as the frequency which is 88.7 f.m
  • Kokoro Alate starts 9pm

Oriyomi Hamzat Office Address

Ojoo – Iwo road, along A3 Hotels way, Lagos – Ibadan express way.

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Oriyomi Hamzat Phone Number

08097000949, here’s the studio line of Oriyomi Hamzat

Oriyomi Hamzat Whatsapp Number

Click here for whatsapp chats only

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