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Fresh/ Quality/Unique Content

One of the most important factors responsible for Google Adsense approval or disapproval in your site or blog is writing unique content.

The best way to get Google Adsense approved fast is to upload unique, fresh and original with good quality content on your site or blog.

If your blog or site contain copied content, then it will never get approved.

So never try to copy posts from the other blogs or websites, if you upload fresh, unique content with good quality then you would be able to get Google Adsense approval fast.

Never upload illegal or adult content on blog or website, it is against the Google Policies.

The important factor responsible for Google Adsense approval or disapproval is your good quality content.

You must focus on it, write such content that attracts a lot of people, you are expected to write quality posts for your visitors or readers.

Content is not only a factor that responsible for Google Adsence application approval or disapproval.

One of the primary reason due to which most of the Google Adsence application would be rejected is short posts or insufficient content.

So get rid of insufficient content before applying for google adsence.

Insufficient Content means, your blog or website have less pages with only handful of words (less then 250 words ) in any page/post with few pictures .

Even single Article with only few words can be the problem for Google adsence disapproval, so make sure that you have every articles more than 250+ words (specially in blogs).

Publish more than 15 high-quality blog post.

Article amount does not matter most but sometimes Google considers it.

I also went for Adsense after publishing 16 high-quality original articles.

So I recommend you to write at least 15 Good quality blog post then go for Adsense approval.

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