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Tips on how to get adsense approval in 2019

In this quick step by step guide on how to get adsense approval, I give some personal tips that really work for me to get Adsense approval.

Read Google AdSense Program Policies & Terms and Services
First of all, Before applying for Google AdSense for your content, make sure that your website or blog meet the criteria stated by Google and your website or blog meet with the criteria of Google Adsense Policies and Terms of Services.

Read all the Google Adsense policies from here and Some of important terms and conditions that you need to follow,

  • Never upload adult or illegal content, copyright videos, musics and images
  • Try posting original, fresh high-quality content and images
  • High traffic volume (not compulsory)
  • Make sure your website or blog do not contain copied content (Scraped Content)
  • Make crystal clear design of your Website.

You know Google love good looking and easy to navigate sites.

Also, Google only focuses on the user experience.[You have to also focus on it]

If your Site is good looking and easy to use for a user then Google definitely approves your website.

So use a good quality theme on your blog and make your site user-friendly.

Try to boost your Website speed on a regular basis. Because no one loves a slow loading site.

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