Best Ways To Build Backlinks (2021)

Best ways to build backlinks |

This article explains in details “The best ways to build backlinks” for every website/ blog owners and all online publishers.Best ways to build backlinks |

Backlinks are links pointing from one blog or website to another, let’s use an example here, so you’ll have practical example of what a backlinks is, Click here to visit my Instagram page please follow the account, now as you clicked on the link, it took you to a specific page on Instagram from our site without having to type anything in the address bar, what I did here is what we call backlink as I have linked to Instagram, i.e I gave a backlink. It is one of the best ways to build backlinks as it doesn’t add to your sites spam score.

  • White Hat
  • Grey Hat
  • Black Hat. Here is the link to where I explained them.
  • Profile Backlinks
  • Comment Backlinks
  • Web 2.0 Backlinks
  • Guest Posting (One of the best ways to build backlinks). Now let’s get to business
Best ways to build backlinks

If you are building links through white hat method, you must send email outreach to build. This is the most Recommended and the best ways to build links that will last for long.

I don’t recommend Nigerians to follow this method because for years, you’ll have zero backlinks if you follow this method (Authoritative sites in Nigeria hardly respond to outreaches).

If you are building links through grey hat, then it will involve blog commenting, profile links, contextual backlinks from web 2.0 and link exchange between site owners.

This I will recommend for Nigerians even though Google doesn’t want it to be like this.

The best site that does SEO properly in Nigeria is and if you analyze their links, this is what they did.

If you are building links through black hat (Shortest term in the best ways to build backlinks), then you’ll need to buy links from fiverr, upwork or any other place they sell links.

You can also give out gifts in exchange for links. In black hat world, what reigns is PBN.

Anything black hat is short term and will lead to frustration later.

Even if your site has been up and running for 5 years using black hat methods, when you get deindexed, wisdom will come to you and premium tears will be up for sale. I won’t recommend this to anyone (Google dislikes it in the best ways to build backlinks)

If you have a business that’s in the white guys niche, go for long term with white hat seo by learning email marketing.

If your audiences are Nigerians or Africans, focus on grey hat because everyone in your niche is doing it.

Beleive Me if Google should start banning Nigerian bloggers, they’ll ban everyone. Which is impossible.

I hope this piece saves you time because I wished someone told me this earlier when I started.

I wasted a lot of time sending emails when I should have focused on grey hat tactics.

You won’t see this on Brain Dean or Neil Patel blog though, trust me none of them will ever tell you this huge secret about as this is the best ways to build backlinks in Africa.

You cannot get better easy ways to build backlinks, compared to what I have discussed with you here.

Please feel free to read other articles I wrote, to give you the best result you’d ever had on SERP.

The best way to build backlinks and get a better result is by following this tactics that I just disclosed to you.

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