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Wizkid’s hottest single of the year, No Stress is an unquestionable and a super dope single that heavy percentage of the world population, considering the youths has on their devices, which they listen to always.

Wizkid’s most played and first single for the year, kept people all around the globe waiting before it’s arrival.

After he dropped his last official single titled “Joro” in the music industry, starboy is been rated well in the industry, lot of rumors was thrown out about the CEO of starboy ent, but it was a surprise that he refused to respond/ react to lot of rumors thrown at him.

Most Nigerians love the music “No Stress” so well, while some others feel bad to the newly released single, though they believe the song is not very much welcomed in the nation as it is not in line with the style most Nigerian music lovers love to listen to.

As we’ve associated Wizkid to afropop genre, the song was rated “mid” as it was believed to be far from the afropop genre ways.

Checking back to his features: G Love, Arizona and Electric it could be stated clearly that he believes more in the rnb genre which he has chosen to keep maintaining his status on as a worldwide celebrated celebrity. The use of cool beats, soft and steady tunes including the piano as the backup instrumental which Femi Kuti was always doing with in in the early and fast rising days of starboy, always assist Wizkid to deliver a very perfect music that is most generally accepted all around the globe.

Again in this lovely single, he is in that mode on No Stress, he flows well with the beat that he his believed to be a star from another planet. It’s all about love and affection here and Wizkid is telling us a story about his love interest.

What We Noticed In Wizkid’s No Stress

Though we may appear to be feldup on Wizkid discussing love every now and then, No Stress is an alternate rhythm, and this time Wizkid hits the limelight and bring forward his love story with another point.

Here Wizkid’s is more close to is nation, with him driving the path with his experience, making use of sexual lingua: Make you suck, make I fuck as this is considered to be pidgin english which lots of Nigerians speaks alot.

The lightly blend of piano tunes and laidback drums P2J has produced, enables Wizkid to stream at large and there’s this happiness behind his success.

Verses In No Stress

On the verse 1 section : he addresses his woman’s fixation on him and the talk keeps on.

Verse 2 : where she discusses his significant attitudes on the sentimental issues.

Lastly on verse 3: Wizkid speaks with a shoutout to the young ladies he’s been with and those that stood by him.

There’s no imperfection at all with Wizkid’s No Stress, however many people may criticize him of singing too much of love songs which same thing is done in this single.

If you’ve not listened or downloaded the song already, Wizkid recently dropped the link to listen, stream and download the latest of his tracks titled “No Stress” on his official Instagram account, as we all know Instagram is the most used social media of the celebrities and starboy is not to be excluded when it comes to selecting music stars in the country, kindly click here to visit his official Instagram profile to get the link to stream and download No Stress fast.

In conclusion, No Stress is another confirmation of Wizkid’s expressive greatness and without a doubt, No Stress would be on each fans playlist for a very long time as this is.

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