Idi Oremi-“Opotoyi 2” Review

Idi Oremi |

Naira Marley’s new song Opotoyi 2 “Idi Oremi” was recently hyped by lots of Nigerians, but stopped just immediately the song was released. Why is this song falling and loosing it’s hypness so fast without spanning even months after been released?

If the nature of Nigerian music lovers/ fans is to be considered, most people will think a song as erotic as opotoyi 2 “Idi Oremi”, will become a song every single Nigerians will have on their playlist and will always be on the top list of many music lovers in the neigbhouring countries, immediately after release but that was a reversed case on opotoyi 2, as it was to the greatest surprise of many music lovers.

The song was released recently and can be dated back to the 30th of September 2020 and today it’s totally like the song is not more played on the streets as it has looked it’s hypness so soon. Idi Oremi |

Though it wasn’t like this when sang “Opotoyi” part 1 which stayed on the playlist for a very long time.

What Went Wrong With Opotoyi 2

What did you think Went Wrong With The Song?

Is it that the song lacks the required instrumental or wasn’t marketed well?

Every now and then, it is not an advisable idea to overdo things as it may loose value while you exaggerate it.

Writing songs is nothing more or less like cooking/ preparing food, when you include too much sauces or ingredients, the food gradually loosess worth and everyone who manages to eat it will in the end, forsake it.

This is exactly what happened to the Marlians Record boss Azeez fashola aka Naira Marley’s new song, “Idi Oremi” just of recent.

The Marlians Record Boss/ Ceo had a great deal of suggestive lines he needed to use on the track, and keeping in mind that wanting to make every line so erotic, and ensuring every lines have it’s own street language “Lamba”, the song lost memorability value.

The verse number two “2” of the track alone is around 28 lines, Verse number one “1” is 16 lines and Verse number three “3” is around 21 lines, making all the lines on the track a total of 65 lines, without including the chorus parts.

This is way too much as the track isn’t a rap song, for what reason do one have to sing that much stanzas in a single track? As good as the song sounds, it needs replay value.

Truth to be told, the song would have been a damn hit if and only it had been restricted to two 16 lines verses each.

What else did you guys think the music lacks, that made it loose its value in such a very short time?

What do you think would have happened if he featured with another artist?

Would you advise him to name his next album in the music industry after this track?

Opotoyi 2 was released immediately before the national protest against “sars”, “swat”, “police brutality”, and bad governance by the youths, so we hope opotoyi 2 could come back to peoples top list of songs after the protest, and might be on every citizens playlist as the song is super dope if not for the over erotic words used in it.

Naira Marley’s official Instagram account is opened to be followed by every lovers of him, just in case you want to follow him on his Instagram account here is the link to his page click here now to view his page. Though it is not only lovers of naira the CEO and finder of the Marlians record that, is allowed to follow but all are welcomed

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