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David Adeleke popularly called by his stage name Davido released a new song titled Fem, after his little time absence from releasing singles.

Even as he stopped releasing tracks, it is to many peoples surprise that his newly released single “Fem” Fem has managed find it way to the top of the charts of the most played songs of recent, but the question is that will the song last for long?

For many audience in Nigeria, and some other countries both neighboring and foreign ones, Davido’s FEM is a little bit different from what we’ve been served with, from Davido himself and others in the DMW record label.

The DMW music boss David Adeleke aka Davido has been serving us with Club-banging tracks, head-spinning songs, and indigenous songs.

He decided on his own and unannounced, then he went on a break to put some concluding edits to his upcoming album, “A Better Time”, the music list was filled with melodic, afropop releases.Fem Review | talk49ja.com.ng

Essentially, simply rated songs that we became weary of, with his standard familiar style, sure and confident, he as come to tender for everyone (fans) the long time awaiting and shortcoming of those head swelling sound. Also, he gained more public recognition and has gotten lots of followers as a result of the blast that the new song really is.

FEM was not planned to be an exceptional track both by the songwriter and the producer who produced the song, yet, it is the message passed out in the song that made it an exceptional and a unique single.


The kick drums and the blaring trumpet as usual, ushers Davido in, as he flows with the beat, this set of instrumental played in the afformentioned single is what the DMW boss likes to play for the fans before starting is lines as they enjoyed it too, David Adeleke, Imade’s dad doesn’t waste time to address an uncertain point as thus: “E be like you don dey talk too much/Small talk you don dey talk who talk”

The “baddest” as Davido is been called by some of his music lovers didn’t stop with that point, he continues on his threats towards this unknown man he’s referring to, and this gives an unforgettable memmory of the track. The intensity gets stronger when he continued his lines issuing a warning that goes thus: “Just call me, you go know 30BG/You go know 30BG when you see 30BG

While the 30BG gang leader and the CEO/ owner of the Davido Music Worldwide (DMW) Entertainment aka Davido persona isn’t present here, it is clearly a diss track to an artist who was not mentioned at all in the track maybe for some reasons known to Davido only, as it seems he is fed up of staying silent over an unexposed matter which he had with the unidentified songwriter/ singer he was stylishly referring to.

What do you feel about FEM?

Who do you think the 30BG gang leader and the DMW boss is stylishly referring to?

Why did you think he kept the singer unannounced as the main reason behind this diss track?

If David mentioned this unknown artist what did you think would have happened?

Will he be safe or will definitely get back his reply without wasting anytime?

This are set of questions we expect you guys to leave a comment on in the comment box below.

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