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Lionel Messi: Why I Can’t Move To Another Club

Most people don’t know why Messi does not move to another club.

Its not by His wish, but its background issues.

He was born in one of the poorest families in ARGENTINA .

Unfortunately, he had growth homone on his back, which means he was lame.

Luckily enough, he was adopted by the UNICEF, which was by then sponsoring FC BARCELONA.

He grew up in the hands of the club under UNICEF.

By luck, his lamed legs were shaped to normal by the help of the club.

By the age of 9 If not 12 ,the club grew interest in him for by then he had already showed some wonders in football despite his young in terms of age.

This marked the “Genesis” of his being the best in soccer.

BARCELONA Had been the parent which had been fathering his mesirable parentless life, he can not leave it, its the only club which has made him to be called “The Father Of Football” so with this, please fellow Messi fans don’t fool yourself’s talking or getting upset with the question “Why Can’t Messi Play In Another Team”.

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Note: This is not a direct speech from Lionel Messi.

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