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Don’t use any other Adnetwork, before adsense approval

When you going to apply for Adsense then don’t use any other Ad networks Ads and also don’t use any affiliate links on your site.

Sometimes Google hates other Ad networks advertisement and affiliate links.

Also, disapprove those site request.

When you going for Adsense then make sure to remove those Ads and links for some time.

But you can use other 3rd part Ad networks and affiliate links after approved by Adsense.
Wait for 2 months at least.

sometimes google gives more prioritize to old Domain Names.

At first, Google only approved more than 6months old website but now that policy is completely changed.

Now Google also approved new Domains.

But in my recommendation apply for Adsense after 1 to 2 months then Your approval chance is increased.

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